RD CloudMotion™—The only server deployed software solution that lets you quickly navigate through any content delivered by your browser, onto any computer device, with a simple swipe of a mouse.

Sold separately or included with our RD CloudSource™ Content Management Software.

RazDog RD CloudMotion™ Technology

RazDog’s U.S. Patent 9,129,658 discloses the solution that lets all your users navigate any web- enabled and cloud-based content, including heavy lifting business applications using fun and exciting RazDog swiping technology. RazDog RD CloudMotion™ Technology helps keep users on your website or web enabled applications up to twice as long on average. Your users will navigate deeper into your website or content containing RazDog software.

RazDog RD CloudSource™ Content Management Software

Integrated CMS solution features deep-dive data tracking and reporting. Transforms control, navigation and analysis of all your Internet, intranet, and cloud-based content, from web pages to heavy lifting business applications. Includes new RD CloudMotion™ swiping technology. Customers will navigate deeper into your content and stay on your website longer using RazDog RD CloudSource™

RD CloudMotion™ swiping technology is a revolutionary new stand-alone product that transforms the way users navigate through web-based content. This patent-pending technology is absolutely unique. Only RazDog has it.

The exciting RD CloudMotion™ user interface is ideal for companies who want to provide a fun, compelling, next-generation user experience.

RD CloudMotion™ is not based on links or pull-down menus. Instead, users swipe between web pages, documents, applications, business tools, search, or virtually any online content.

Your users will enjoy an entirely new experience. Not only will they save time, and find what they're looking for faster and more easily. It's also fun. In fact, the most common reaction we hear is Wow! literally.

  • Users choose whether to swipe OR click on icons to move to or between specific web pages, applications or content on or within your web-based sites or content.
  • Works with desktop and laptop PCs and Macs, iPads and other tablets, netbooks, smartphones and other handhelds, and any other devices to which you deliver content via the Internet.
  • Easily integrates into your website and other Internet-based content.

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Features at a Glance

  • Single sign-on, icon-based dashboard.
  • Always-on applications and content.
  • Choose to swipe or click on icons to move content.
  • Integrated search.
  • Favorites page.
  • Integrated registration process.
  • Deep-dive data tracking and reporting.
  • Integrated CMS for easy content changes.
  • Ports-in your existing
    applications and content easily.

RazDog content management software features industry-leading deep-dive data tracking and reporting, and our patent-pending swiping technology. This is a unique, complete, fully integrated solution. RazDog enables fast, easy web delivery of targeted products, services, and business management tools. Benefits include cost savings, higher revenues, shorter selling cycles, expanded customer base, and greater productivity and efficiency throughout your organization.

  • Unsurpassed deep-dive data tracking and reporting lets you instantly and easily access, analyze, and work with complete, accurate, and detailed information.
  • Patent-pending RD CloudMotion™ technology brings fully swipeable pages and content to all your websites and other cloud-based web content, tools, and any other elements you want to deliver to customers.
  • The RD CloudMotion™ interface is ideal for companies who want to provide a fun, compelling, next-generation user experience.
  • Users can choose whether to click on icons or swipe to move to specific applications or content, any PC, desktop, notebook, web-enabled computer, or web-enabled handheld device.
  • The icon-based dashboard provides easy control of content that is always on. Users work with content from our cloud-based solution just as if it were on their local hard drive.
  • Built upon industry leading technologies for browser based user interfaces and standard multi-tiered web application using .NET, JavaScript, Ajax and JQuery as the technology provider.
  • Architected as a web-based application to provide the infrastructure for users to search, use the dashboard, navigate, through content, etc.
  • Modules allow for flexible deployment of either the entire web-application or the swiping module itself which allows you to elegantly (and efficiently) swipe between and within pages. This allows specific content elements to be in motion without needing pull down bars or arrows.
  • Edit or change page content easily using the integrated CMS (your existing CMS can be integrated easily).

Unique combination of vital business benefits.

  • Reduce sales and marketing operating costs up to 20 percent.
  • Always on all the time, swipeable web content and pages provides a significant WOW factor to your user audience.
  • Streamline business functions and processes for partners and vendors.
  • Accelerate time to market.
  • Get top-quality data from all incorporated content.
  • Connects with your existing servers, storage, databases, and business solutions easily.
  • Deploys remotely to partner, vendor, customer and other websites.
  • Enhances security with the latest technologies and best practices.
  • Virtually future-proof and highly scalable.

Integrates across multiple-use cases in virtually any industry.

RazDog software integrates easily across multiple use cases, and there's no need to alter your source code. It's ideal for any industry or market segment—sales and marketing, operations or IT, consumer companies, and enterprises.

  • Front-office or back-office applications and content delivery.
  • Websites.
  • IT tools, applications, and content delivery.
  • Any cloud-based business solutions.
  • Project virtualization or consolidation.

Its easy to order from RazDog—or our industry-leading channel partners.

RazDog software integrates easily across multiple use cases, and there’s no need to alter your source code. It’s ideal for any industry or market segment—sales and marketing, operations or IT, consumer companies, and enterprises.

  • Front-office or back-office applications and content delivery.
  • Websites.
  • Any cloud-based business solutions.
  • Project virtualization or consolidation.

We hope you have enjoyed the new RazDog.com website, using the new RazDog RD CloudMotion™ swiping technology and some of the key features of our RazDog RD CloudSource™ technology including our new icon based navigation , favorites, email and profile page.

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FAQ about our solution
Q. Will RazDog software work with any Industry Standard Server and Storage Device?

A. Yes, RazDog software is designed to run on Industry Standard servers, storage and Windows based software.

Q. Can RazDog CloudMotion Software be integrated into any web design?

A. The only type of Website design that RazDog software is unable to be integrated into today is an Adobe Flash website, but designers can integrate Adobe flash pieces as part of the web design without any issues.

Q. Is RazDog software easy to integrate into my web design or web enabled applications designs?

A. Yes. RazDog software can typically be integrated by any designer with 2 or more years of web design experience using any of your existing website design tools.

Q. Can the RazDog software experiences be utilized by any computer device and not just mobile devices?

A. Yes. Any user can experience this software deployed from any website that has RazDog CloudMotion and or CloudSource software integrated into the web or web application. You will experience full capabilities on any manufacturer pc, desktop, laptop, portable PC, tablet or other device.

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